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Toshiaki Yokota

Toshiaki Yokota

Toshiaki Yokota

 Born in 1944 in Tokyo. Started his musical carrier at 17 years old. Led his own group 'The Beat Generation' and 'Primitive Community' for 10 years, as well as playing lead flute in Takeshi Inomata's Sound Limited. A pioneer of jazz flute in Japan.

  Now, He lives in Izu-Inatori and maintains his own studio with beautiful and magnificient sea view. There Yokota creates his original instruments taking nature for a friend. The instruments created by Yokota are mainly fue(Japanese flute or pipe),that is shakuhachi, ceramic flute,YAYOI-BUE and other original instruments of his own ideas. He has been doing several live performances using those instruments.

[World Tours]
1976 : Olympia Theatre Paris 'Four Seasons in Japan'
1983 : Europe Tour 'Ki-Do-Ai-Raku' and 'Bunsui-Ryo' Invited by Holland
1986 : Egypt,Qatar,Kuwait,Oman Tour ,
         at a request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1988 : Europe Tour :Dublin,Cologne,Luxembourg,Paris

since 1988 : Aoyama Nohgakudo
1989 : Casals Hall
1990 : Zojoh-Ji
since 2004 : Josho-Ji

with Minosuke Yoshida (Bunraku Artist ) "The World of Monzaemon Chikmatsu - Chikammatsu's ROKUJO(6 kinds of feeling) "
with Hideo Kanze (Noh Artist) "Gods' Banquet - A Festival of Earth and Fire"

Film Music "Saraba Itoshiki Daichi" ,Awarded Blue Ribbon Prize (for staff)
Theater Music "Like cicadas in the height of summer","people of the Takizawa","Fuefuki-Gawa",e.t.c.

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